Athanasios Stamos, Steve Mills, Nikos Malliaropoulos, Sophie Cantamessa, Jean Luc Dartevelle, Elif Gündüz, Jeffrey Laubmeier, Jeffrey Hoy, Georgios Kakavas, Sébastien Le Garrec, Jean François Kaux, Mourad Ghrairi, Heinz Lohrer, Marc Engels Deutsch

Sports medicine has a multidisciplinary character which allows different medical specialties to investigate the prevention, etiology, and treatment of athletes’ diseases. This leads to a decreased risk of injury and a faster return to play as well as an improvement in the overall health and well‐being of athletes of any level and in all sports around the world. The oral health of athletes is now the subject of great attention internationally because of the increased prevalence and incidence of health issues such as dental caries and erosion, periodontal disease, defective occlusion, temporomandibular joint disorders, and orofacial injuries. Scientific evidence and research on these issues have also intensified over recent years. The best way to maintain player’s health and performance is to include oral health in sports medicine with physicians and dentists working closely together at the individual level as well as with the cooperation between local and international sports medicine and dentistry associations. The European Association for Sports Dentistry, the Academy for Sports Dentistry, and the European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians are leading the way and have worked together to develop a consensus statement describing the main pillars of oral health integration into sports medicine based on the most common oral diseases found in athletes and linked to exercise, sports, and performance.

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